How to attract attendees to your stand?

Strategies To Drive Attendees To Your Exhibition Stand

Events are a great way to get brands in front of their target audience. More specifically, expos and networking events are popular options to build brand awareness, drive sales and meet potential business partners. Since we’ve already given you gems on how to boost networking at your events in a previous blog, this time around, we’re going to focus on strategies to help drive more attendees to your exhibition stand.

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Strategy Matters

Exhibitions offer great opportunities to grow brand presence, test new products in the market, get feedback from an audience, and accelerate the sales process. While these may be great objectives, a common challenge with exhibitions is that there are various competitors vying for the attention of the same audience, which means that exhibiting brands or companies need to find a unique approach to attract attendees.

Our team design and build exhibition stands for clients all the time and there’s a lot of planning that goes into it. With all the money and effort put into conceptualising a stand, it is crucial that a return on investment is seen, in the form of guest engagement and conversion – this is where a communication strategy comes in handy. Catching the attention of an audience needs to start long before the actual exhibition day, to stir up anticipation and excitement for the benefits that come with visiting the stand. Social Media is a great tool to get pre-communication to an audience who follow the expo or conference at which a brand will be exhibited. Using Hashtag, Mention, and Promotion functions available on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, users will find posts easily.

The following tactics can be used to further draw guests to an exhibition stand:

  • Create a unique exhibition structure: Don’t box yourself in – literally.
  • Introduce an engagement opportunity with exciting giveaways while keeping your ROI in mind: Your engagement tactic needs to appeal to your audience so make sure your giveaways /prizes are of real value to attendees, but the return needs to be measurable. Think big data.
  • Choose strong sales people to initiate and drive conversation: First impressions matter, so your representatives need to be knowledgeable and have great intercommunication skills.
  • Use interactive technology to create a unique experience and track engagement data.
  • Give away useful collateral: Give resources that guests can refer and link back to your company.

Building Exhibitions The Worx Group Way

As important as achieving objectives are, brands need to make sure that guests aren’t bombarded with an overload of information once they have their guests’ attention. While all or some of the strategies mentioned above may be in place, it is important to reiterate that competing brands are working just as hard to attract the same audience, so go the extra mile. Tap into collaboration with different teams such as the design, communications, and digital marketing teams to create a campaign that will create audience interest and foot traffic. At Worx Group, we partner with our exhibition and activation clients, to enable them to provide the best of their offering in a unique and meaningful way, keeping the essence of their brand in mind and always ensuring valuable return on investment.

Exhibitions are well worth the effort and if you want to get the most out of your stand, our team is ready to help you take your next step.

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