Best Practice for Levelling up Your Events

The Event industry is dynamic and continues to evolve. We’re seeing rapid growth in different trends and we’ve adopted some of these trends and work on implementing them in our strategies. The trends we’re looking at include new Technology, Social Media tactics, we explore the importance of Conscious & Inclusive Planning and how to use Integrated Marketing and make the most of the Content created at events.

  1. Interactive Eventing Through Tech

Tech is without a doubt a leading trend in the events industry and more than just being a great add-on to events, it is an excellent tool to engage an audience. Tech powered events have proven to create unique experiences and with the introduction of Voice, Augmented and Virtual Reality, the level of audience interaction has increased. Our team dive deeper into the benefits of tech at events and how event planners who are embracing this trend are making a difference that will ultimately impact the events landscape.

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  1. Event Marketing Using Social Media

There’s no denying that Social Media is a leading trend in all industries but what it’s done for the events industry, in particular, is extremely unique. Through tools such as Instagram and Facebook LIVE, attendees can experience events in real time no matter where they are in the world. This changes things for both attendees and event planners from the moment you start planning and marketing your event, to your post event and the different content that can be consumed way after the event. We explore what the digital space is doing for events.

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  1. Integrated Marketing for Events

Once event planners have their event brief, a strategy that fits the client’s overall business objectives needs to be set into place. Event planners need to clearly identify their event objectives in the early stage of their planning so that all marketing will be worth the time and effort leading up to the day of the event. Having an integrating marketing plan is a proactive way to achieve the desired outcome and our team explore these tactics further.

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  1. Content is King

Event Content is the foundation on which all event agendas are built. Putting content together takes a great deal of work not to mention a lot of time. The value this brings to LIVE events is unquestionable and plays a huge role in the experience of attendees. This should make event planners question what happens to the content when the event is over? Our team discuss the importance of having a content strategy that looks at making content available long after the event.

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  1. The rise of Conscious & Inclusive Event Planning

Conscious and inclusive eventing is the future of excellent event planning. Keeping your audience top of mind is the first step to create a unique experience for attendees. This calls for a dive into who your audience is so that you can find how best they consume content and therefore package your message according to your research. We share insight on the difference that conscious eventing and the practice of inclusivity makes in our industry.

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