CE Terms and Conditions


  • It is important to understand that Worx Group is primarily a management company, so whilst we have a wide variety of skills and capabilities in-house, we also outsource certain elements to trusted industry partners, and charge a professional fee to manage the delivery thereof.
  • As a professional management company, we charge a Handling Fee on all third party costs across all projects in order to facilitate delivery of requirements and payments. The Handling Fee is structured and calculated on a sliding scale as per our Service Level Agreement (SLA) with you, and is subject to the acceptance that our internal resourcing costs (Professional Services) form part of the normal resourcing of a project accrued in the delivery thereof.
  • Handling fees are not payable against our internal resourcing costs.
  • “Professional Service” refers to services provided internally by Worx Group. These include Business Unit Management (Account Directors, Heads of Strategy, Creative Directors, Heads of Design, Content Creators, and Project / Relationship Directors), Managers (Project Managers, Designers, Specialist Writers, Copywriters, and On-Site Managers), and Assistants (DTP’s, Proofreaders and Runners). All of these costs are estimates based on the scope of service and / or creative idea. They include our best guess estimate for how many hours we anticipate being consumed by Worx Group resources to deliver this project. Worx Group will update the related costs as the project progresses, and will provide detailed timesheets on request.
  • Materials and Disbursement costs (i.e. consumables, printing, sundries etc.) associated with the running of a project will be charged at 5% of our internal resourcing fees.


  • The Cost Estimate is based on the current scope of service / creative concept. No contingencies have been added should the scope change once planning has commenced. If applicable, costs of this nature will be communicated in the form of a revised Cost Estimate (CE), and actioned against only on acceptance of the revised CE.
  • All upfronted third party payments will attract a 5%-10% financial facilitation fee.
  • Relevant banking fees will apply for any third-party / talent outside of South Africa.
  • Fuel, Data / Airtime, and out of town Per Diems will be charged at R 5,20 per km, R 70,00 per day, and R 270,00 per person per day, respectively.

Courier / Delivery

  • Any courier charges will be assumed as estimates, and reconciled on actuals.
  • Local delivery (within Johannesburg) will start at a cost of R 450,00 per location.


  • Worx Group will hold any digital content (i.e. videos, presentations, design artwork, photographs etc.) for a maximum of 3 months from completion of the project. Thereafter we will store it in our offsite archives. Any archived content requested outside of the 3-month period will be charged out at R 850.00 (excluding VAT) per hour per request.
  • Physical storage of any event related items will incur a monthly cost of R 170,00 per square metre (excluding insurance).
  • Warehouse retrieval and packing of stored items will incur an hourly cost of R 120,00 per hour (excluding travel and packing material).


  • In the event that the Client terminates or postpones the Project, all unpaid fees, payments in compliance with third party cancellation terms, costs, resourcing fees for work done to date of termination or postponement and a pro-rated management fee must be paid by the Client upon receipt of an itemised bill.
  • Early termination and postponement and related cancellation fees are dependent on the Project scope, progress, budget, timelines and related third party suppliers.
  • Should cancellation or postponement be in any way as a result of a threat or outbreak of an infectious or contagious disease including but not limited to COVID-19, or government-implemented restrictions, or is in any other way necessary or required by law and beyond the control of Worx Group, these terms shall still apply.

This budget is the sole intellectual property of Venture Worx (Pty) Ltd, and/or Wrx Grp Executive Services (Pty) Ltd, and/or Wrx Grp Marketing Services (Pty) Ltd, and may not be used, shared or disseminated, in part or in whole, without the express consent of Worx Group.

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