Using Technology to Personalise Your Event Experience

We’re well into 2018, and when it comes to event trends for this year, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing ‘personalisation’ popping up again and again. In an age of instant information and constant smartphone connectivity, today’s event guests expect personalisation at all times, and this has never been more relevant than it is in the event space. It’s not surprising: When guests log on to social media they’re served photographs and posts that have been specifically selected for them, when they shop online their homepage is filled with suggestions of items they might want to buy, and even watching TV through services like Netflix will result in a personalised selection of ‘recommended’ shows to binge next. But while personalisation in the age of technology might be easy enough online, it’s much harder to translate into the physical world.

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With personalisation now such a huge part of the modern customer experience, and an ingrained expectation from guests to experience something truly distinct, embracing this trend really is the best way to ensure that your events continue to kick ass this year. To do that, we’ve put together our top tips for using event technology to personalise your event experience.

1: Don’t shy away from event apps

Event apps are becoming increasingly popular, and today they’re the easiest way to make each guest’s experience personal to them. With a custom-built event app, guests are able to upload information about themselves, find out more about the event, create a personalised calendar of what they’d like to do at the event, download event content and information, and even connect to and network with other people there. Being able to structure an app that gives guests exactly what they need (and eliminate what they don’t need) will make it an invaluable resource to them during the event, and the best part? You’ll be able to gather information about them without even having to ask.

2: Mine their info – and then use it

If you’ve utilised something like an event app to facilitate your guests’ experiences, it will also give you access to their data – and with this in hand, it’s much easier to personalise your next event with them. Even acquiring their specific business interests and job titles can help you offer them a more streamlined experience next time they attend your event. And never be afraid to follow up an event with personalised communication that focuses on the areas of the event that they seem to have prioritised or enjoyed most.

3: Embrace RFID

RFID (radio-frequency identification) is one of the quickest (and coolest) growing event mechanics that you can use to make your event truly personal for your guests. Using RFID makes everything from event registration to on-the-go payments a breeze, because guests can load up their details and preferences before they even arrive at your event. People value time over almost anything else these days, so they’ll appreciate that you’ve saved them both time and effort on the day.

4:Use Social Media to create hype

People love sharing their experiences online, and Social Media is the perfect tool to help your guests talk about their unique experiences with others. When you’re brainstorming your next big event, think of how you can utilise the opportunity to spread the love about your brand through modern features like internet-enabled photo booths (so people can upload their images to Social Media immediately), social geo-filters that let their followers know exactly where they are, and live social streams to display the conversations while they’re happening.

5: Let video take things to the next level

We all know that video is king in today’s climate, and you can take advantage of this at your next event by incorporating video into both your communication and entertainment. New features like livestreaming and virtual reality extend the experience for both present guests and those who aren’t able to attend, and create feelings of inclusivity coupled with lasting memories. At the end of the day, few things are more valuable than creating an experience that is truly memorable for your audience.

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