Event Must-Haves vs. Event Nice-To-Haves

When you’re starting to plan your next big event, things can get overwhelming. With so many choices to take into account, decisions to make, factors to consider, and balls to keep in the air, even the smallest of details can feel like a huge deal. So, once you’ve defined your event goals and objectives and established the basics of your budget, create a list of your top event must-haves. With these in hand, you’ll be able to refer back to them whenever you’re faced with a hard choice, which will make the entire event planning process so much easier. Here, we’ve put together our own five event must-haves which we feel act as the cornerstone to any successful event.

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Five Event Must-Haves

  1. Location, location, location

From booming industrial spaces, to intimate restaurants, and pretty much everything in between, your venue can seriously alter the look, feel, and outcome on your event. We’ve already talked about the art of the site visit  and we genuinely believe that, once you find the perfect space for your event, the rest will often follow on afterwards. Be sure to keep your eventing objectives in mind at all times to ensure that they align to the venue, and don’t forget what’s most important here: the experience that your guests have when they’re with you. Don’t shy away from unconventional venues, and you’ll be in with a winner.

  1. Experience is everything

This may seem like an obvious ‘must-have,’ but you’d be surprised by how often an event planner can get side-tracked with details and forget what’s most important: your guests’ experience. We’re living in the age of the experience economy, and the key to creating the kind of event that will stick with your guests long after they leave and turn them into true brand ambassadors, is making sure that they experience something truly memorable. Keep this front of mind while you plan, and you’re bound for success.

  1. Eat Up!

There’s no way around it: If you’re inviting people to an event, you’re going to need to feed them. Hungry people are unhappy people, so even if you’re just putting together a small meeting, feed your guests and ensure that they’re not left with a bad taste in their mouths. Food doesn’t need to be boring or expensive – while a gala dinner requires a sit-down meal (it’s in the name!) that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with what you serve, how it’s served, and how your guests experience it. Think outside the box, have an open mind, and keep the conversation flowing with your venue caterer or food supplier, to keep guests full and smiling.

  1. Tech is key

When it comes to creating a truly memorable event, technology should be your best friend. We’ve already talked about how you can use technology to personalise your event, and even if you’re planning the smallest of events, you can use tech to keep things running smoothly and professionally. Steer clear of the temptation to skimp on your tech supplier, research the best ways to incorporate new and exciting technology into your event, and you’ll be sure to create something memorable.

  1. Make it easy to interact

The best way to make sure that your guests have FOMO about your next event is to make it easy for them to talk about your current one. By creating a buzz about your event from the get go, and then making it as easy as possible for them to talk about the memorable experiences they’re having, you’ll get the most bang for your marketing buck. Don’t skimp on connectivity aids (think Wi-Fi hotspots and portable charging stations) and fun, tweetable and Instagram-able activities – like photo spots and epic entertainment.

At the end of the day, the best thing you can do to ensure that you spend your budget in the right places and for the right things, is to keep your guests in mind at all times. With clear ideas of the experience you’re trying to build for them, you can’t go wrong – and remember, don’t sweat the small stuff!

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