Finding Design Inspiration at Design Indaba

Our team leaders Gerrit and Leilani recently attended Design Indaba in Cape Town to revel in the spirit of all things design. They returned inspired and entertained: here are their Top Ten design inspired moments from the week.

Photo 1 - Doctor and misses

Dokter and Misses

The unique combination of Adriaan Hugo’s product design background and Katy Taplin’s graphic design backgrounds have created an instantly recognisable and desirable style of furniture pieces.

Why? They are completely in sync with each other and their performance/presentation of their personal design journey was enriched with dance and patterning. They can proudly stand in any international context.

Photo 2 - What 3 words


A digital global address system of 57 trillion 3m x 3m individual squares each referenced by a unique three-word address. What3words has won numerous design and innovation awards with creator Chris Sheldrick announced as the EY British Accelerating Entrepreneur.

Why? So simple, so elegant in its execution and such a unique way to connect to the world… all with just three words!

Photo 3 - Freestyle love supreme

Freestyle Love Supreme

Five American hip-hop performers take the audience on a non-stop, off the cuff, improv ride using wit and intellect to create the ‘script’.

Why? The day’s programme was wrapped up in a fresh, entertaining way that was as much part of the show as the speakers were themselves. Brilliant.

Photo 4 - Lernert & Sander

Lernert & Sander

These Dutch artists and filmmakers are known for their unique installations and high conceptual art films.

Why? Known as the creators of cool, these two guys had the entire audience in stitches with their witty comments and unique style, so unique that they shared examples of other designers and filmmakers trying to copy their work all over the world.

Photo 5 - Gloria Lupi

Giorgia Lupi

Information designer Giorgia Lupi collaborated with guitarist Kaki King on an unimaginable journey through data music and the senses.

Why? This was an awesome display of a clear mind and an exceptional musician turning data into music.

Photo 6 - Stefan Diez

Stefan Diez

This German designer creates beautiful, simple furniture by combining fine craftsmanship and innovative industrial design.

Why? It’s amazing to see someone so passionate about his work, even when his time was up, and up again, and up again he still didn’t want to get off stage, he was so excited to share his love and passion for his designs.

Photo 7 - Kate Moross

Photo 8 - Kate Moross 2

Kate Moross

Award-winning, multi-tasking illustrator, art director and designer Kate is a fast rising star on London’s design scene. Consistently true to herself and her vision, she has proven time and time again that her imagination and creative energy know no limits.

Why? Kate was just so kick-ass and true to herself and gave us some truly helpful tips and inspiration of how to run a design agency today.

Photo 9 - Air BNB

Joe Gebbia of Airbnb

Joe Gebbia is the co-founder and CPO of groundbreaking global company Airbnb. An entrepreneur from an early age, Airbnb began with an inflatable mattress in his San Francisco apartment and spread to 2 million listings in over 191 countries, creating a new economy for thousands of people around the world.

Why? We loved how he created something so great from something so simple. His human element and venturing into experiences is also very exciting.

Photo 10 - Duolingo

Luis von Ahn of Duolingo

Tech entrepreneur and crowdsourcing pioneer Luis is best known for creating CAPTCHAs and the language learning platform Duolingo to bring free language education to the world. With over 150 million users, it is now the most popular language learning platform and the most downloaded app in the Education category worldwide on both iTunes and Google Play.

Why? We love how he designed something so easy for everyone to understand. I have started learning Spanish thanks to Duolingo and I am loving it. “Me encanta el Español.

Photo 11 - Craig Dykers Snohetta

Craig Dykers of Snohetta

Co-founder of Snøhetta, architect Craig Dykers is interested in design as a promoter of social and physical well-being. Snøhetta has been nominated by Fast Company Magazine as one of the ten most innovative architecture companies in the world with offices in Norway, Egypt, England, and the US. His interest in design as a promoter of social and physical well-being is supported by ongoing observation and development of an innovative design process.

Why? We were so inspired by his amazing collaboration with Johannesburg-based architect, to create the Arch for Archbishop Desmond Tutu. It was an honour to see all of them on stage together and to see the entire crowd embrace the moment.

Photo 11.2

Photo 11.1

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