Five ways to ensure your attendees have FOMO about your next event

It takes a lot of work to properly understand why people attend your event and engage with them in a way that makes them not want to miss your next event. Jessica MacRoberts shares five actions that make this easier.

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1. Create a buzz right away

Capitalise on the buzz right after your event by getting in touch, whether it is to survey your attendees while their memories are still fresh or to recap the highlights on social media. Don’t forget to reiterate highlights a few weeks later too.  People are interested in details like how many people attended, the most popular elements or interesting details from the survey.

2. Keep them interested

Once the initial buzz dies down, you need to talk about something else. Prepare blog posts about the topics they care about to drive traffic to your website and increase your reputation as a leader in your specific space. Other ideas are to post interviews with performers, CEOs, chefs, or whoever your audience wants to hear from, publishing news round-ups and guest posts.

3. Move on to the next event

About halfway between your event and the next one, turn your attention squarely to your next event. Send out teasers, announcing details about the upcoming event as they are confirmed. You could do a save the date as well to keep a steady trickle of announcements and teasers.

4. Calls to action

When you’re into the homestretch, you need to refine your final pitches and tell your audience why your event is unique. Ramp up the frequency of social media posts, push any promotional deals and look for opportunities to keep the conversation going.

5. Become Mobile Friendly and embrace social media marketing

Be where your audience is and optimise for mobile. Make it easy for those who are researching, registering and discussing events through a mobile device. You can also increase the mobile-friendly element by adding QR codes to marketing material so that guests are informed on the go. Add mobile sharing buttons to your website.

Create a strong social media presence and keep it updated on a regular basis, as this is a great way to build your brand online. Promote an event-specific hashtag and boost your presence onsite at the event.

Stories are a popular social media tool that are a quick and easy way to share important moments as they happen at your event. Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and YouTube have variations of stories that are immediate opportunities to create FOMO. Ensure you provide lots of shareable moments. After all, who wants to miss out?

Download the event trends ebook

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