Hire an events company to save on costs

Want To Host A Great Event & Save Money? Hire An Events Company

There’s no denying that South Africa is going through a period of economic insecurity, and as the budgets get tighter and the list of demands longer, we’re finding ourselves being increasingly faced with one question from our clients:

Why should I use an events management company? Surely I can just do the event myself and save money on their management fee and mark ups?

We get it – for many people who don’t know just how much work and prep goes into an event, it can seem like the kind of thing that you could just do in-house. And, nine times out of ten, when people decide to organise their own event, they think it will simply be a fun interlude to their day-to-day job. But as our Chief Growth Officer, Kim Winstanley points out, choosing not to run your event through an events company often ends up costing you more – both financially and in terms of event experience. “Using Worx Group to organise your event isn’t just a matter of paying for expertise. You’re hiring a service, and ultimately, we’re professionals at what we do. Being professionals means that we come with an extremely good knowledge of the industry, a broad network of suppliers, knowledge of trends, and can guarantee you the best experience for your budget.”
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Being experts in our industry is key to our success in continually delivering on-point and on-budget events for our clients, and that expertise has many layers. “To start with, we have a much wider and deeper supplier source than what our clients might have. When you hire a professional event manager, you get their connections and their networks with them, and that can be invaluable. Furthermore, while you might have one event where you’re using a particular supplier, we’ll have multiple events where we’re working with them, which gives us the ability to negotiate better rates – so, in reality, it’ll often cost you less when you use an event management company. Plus, with our deep basket of connections, you know we’ll find the absolute right supplier for the job, so you won’t lose valuable time trying to find the right person or trying to use your existing network of suppliers to retrofit your need.”

It’s also important to know that with each passing year, the pace in the events industry is picking up, so your event suppliers need to be a lot more agile. “If you’re using an event management company, you’re only dealing with one supplier (us!) and that comes with just one point of contact. If you’re working for a corporate company, there will always be processes and systems that need to be followed, and if you have one really good, recommended, tried and tested event company, they’re taking the pain of dealing with multiple suppliers away from you,” says Kim. Plus, the speed of eventing means that we can pull multiple events off quickly, and with minimal steps – years of experience mean we already have all the agile templates and admin processes in place, so we can be quicker because we don’t have to create them from scratch. “We’re getting the best outcomes for you in a very short period of time. For many of our events these days we’re getting a two-week lead time, and we’re able to deliver in that time because we have the network, experience and team to execute both on time and within budget.”

As event professionals, it’s also part of our job to keep up with event trends, new venues and suppliers, so by using us instead of keeping things purely in-house, you’re guaranteed to deliver an event that’s up to date and relevant. On top of this, leaving the job to us means that you can concentrate on the most important part of your event: connecting with your audience. “We always feel that if our client is managing the event, their focus shouldn’t have to be on making sure that the behind the scenes things are running smoothly – that’s our job. Instead, their time should be spent looking after their guests, networking and making sure that the original objective of why they’re hosting the event is met, while the professionals in the background make sure that it’s a seamless experience for everyone.”

Ultimately, Kim’s years of experience in the game has shown her time and time again just how beneficial hiring a professional to do a professional job can be. “We really drill down into the details, and we understand where best to spend your money. If you have an event, give us a call and we can assist to ensure that your budget stretches to the most important elements of your event without compromising on experience, safety or budget. We aim to ensure that you get the best event that your money can buy.”

get the 2018 trends ebook here

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