How wearable tech adds value to events

How wearable tech adds value to events

When it comes to fitness and entertainment, wearable technology has almost become passé. Apple Watches and Fitbits are tracking people’s steps, heart rates and sleep cycles left, right and centre; and virtual and augmented reality experiences are becoming increasingly common. But watches and headsets aren’t where wearable tech end, and it’s not limited to only a couple of industries. If you’re hosting an event, incorporating tech – and especially wearable tech – has the potential not only to enhance your delegates’ experience, but also to simplify and streamline yours. Here’s how:

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Entry and access

Who’s coming in and out of your event? How many times? Are there easy-to-spot trends that you need to be aware of? Is everyone heading out for lunch, rather than staying to eat at your venue? By incorporating microchips into your delegates’ tags and badges, you can do away with labour-intensive and time-consuming scanning processes and use the data you gather on your delegates’ comings and goings, to inform your future eventing decisions. Different tags can also grant access to different areas, including private or restricted zones.

A cash-free economy

The less you give your attendees to worry about, the more they’re able to focus on the task at hand: gaining as much as they can from your event and connecting with like-minded individuals. Offering wristbands that facilitate cashless payments shows that you know what their time is worth, and that you’re doing everything you can to make their experience easy and hassle-free.

Nice networking

With smart tags and wristbands, business cards are a thing of the past. Give your delegates the freedom to exchange their contact details virtually, without having to pull out cards or their mobile phones. Some smart tags can also notify people if others who match their networking criteria are nearby, facilitating meaningful and productive connections.

Get involved, get rewarded

Create games and activities for your delegates to get involved in, and offer rewards when tasks are completed. There might be branded products up for grabs for those who use their smart wristbands to connect with the most people, for example, or entrance into exclusive events for those who visit the most stands.

Good for the environment

Opting for tech over paper is good for the environment, and your delegates probably already expect you to prioritise sustainable solutions at your event. If you’re continuing to use an outdated and environmentally taxing means of engaging with your delegates before, during and after event, your event’s success and your business’s reputation are likely to suffer.

The wearable tech you opt to use should be appropriate to your event and industry, and take your delegates’ wants and needs into account. It needs to be user-friendly, personal and practical. It’s also important that you collect all the information this technology acquires and put it to good use. Analyse it after the event to assess what worked and what didn’t, which sessions were the most successful and which activities got the best feedback. If you need help integrating the most recent tech into your latest event, get in touch with the Worx Group team. We’re always ready to put the next best eventing innovation into practice.

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