Opportunity Everywhere: ICC Annual Meeting case study

Since we first opened our doors, we’ve taken on projects of all shapes and sizes. From visually large but technically small conferences to complex, multifaceted gatherings, we’re proud of our ability to face each new project with enthusiasm and professionalism, no matter the scale. In the middle of 2015, we were awarded the contract to be at the forefront of organising the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Banking Commission Annual Meeting in South Africa, proudly hosted by Standard Bank. As with any big project, the scale and the diversity of the project made for interesting and complex challenges, and we’re incredibly proud of how our team worked together to make it happen.

When big projects like this one roll around, we know that delivering a seamless, unique delegate experience while simultaneously meeting all client requirements means tackling the project in three stages. For nine months leading up to the annual meeting, our team focused on the specifics of the planning stage, brainstorming and then carrying out every detail leading up to the two-day conference at The Sandton Convention Centre. With over 400 delegates set to attend, the specifics of the project were complex, but they also presented the kind of challenge that we love taking on. Multifaceted in its requirements and logistics, our team made sure that every aspect of the project, from design to technical to specifications to strategy and beyond, was covered, making the nine-month planning process a busy but exciting time.

A second concurrent stage in prepping for the ICC Banking Commission Annual Meeting was ensuring that we embraced every opportunity to create partnerships among all involved parties. From day one we were dealing with the ICC Paris team, as well as their ICC SA counterparts, and multiple sponsors including the project’s host, Standard Bank. It was important to us that each partner in the project would have their objectives met, while still guaranteeing the success of the event itself. When faced with a multitude of objectives, we saw an opportunity to create partnerships and ensure value across the board, rather than a challenge to keep everyone happy.

Our work and preparation eventually culminated in the final stage of this process: the event itself. Our overarching goal through the development of this project was to deliver a unique delegate experience as well as a seamless project for our client, in this case in the form of the five-day meeting. Working with ICC Paris as an international client, we knew that over 75% of our delegates would be visiting from overseas, and so our drive was to create an event that was up to international standard while ensuring that it still possessed a unique African flair. To strike this balance and ensure that each and every delegate received the world-class experience for which the International Chamber of Commerce, utmost attention was paid to delivering an African experience which was still fresh and evocative, but without being stereotypical.

Ultimately, the opportunities that this project afforded us have made it one of our favourites to date. The framework of this already established Meeting meant that we needed to replicate it to an extent, but that we also had the chance to improve on this structure and put forward our own ideas on how it could be revitalised. From this creative opportunity, we came up with some exciting new concepts, including an ‘Interactive Arena’ instead of tea breaks – an idea that allowed delegates to network and connect with each other and explore our sponsors’ brands exhibitions, while taking their break in an area with the vibe of an African market.

Thank you to our amazing clients, team, and partners for all your hard work that made the ICC Banking Commission Annual Meeting such a success. We can’t wait for more opportunities to work with you in future.

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