Kim & Jess – Our Lionesses of Africa

With the Lionesses of Africa conference having just taken place in Joburg, we turned our gaze inwards and took the opportunity to look at the two lionesses at the head of our pride, Chief Growth Officer Kim Winstanley and Managing Director Jessica MacRoberts, and what makes them an exceptional entrepreneurial team. As a conference that is run by women entrepreneurs, for women entrepreneurs, and with the vision of empowering women entrepreneurs, both Kim and Jess jumped at the opportunity to work on this incredible project as professional conference organisers.


Together, Kim and Jess are an unstoppable team. Managing blue chip clients at CEO level and having covered every possible event category in their years together, they now drive a wider range of services for our clients today. The last decade together has seen them grow The Worx Group from a single service venture to a multifaceted group, with multimillion Rand projects and annual growth rates in excess of 35% – lionesses indeed.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to meet these two entrepreneurs, you’ll know that they are both motivated and dynamic women with strong personalities. But rather than this hindering their working relationship, they’ve built a partnership that enables them to work exceptionally well together. Over ten years of supporting each other and developing complementary roles, they have built not just a strong business relationship, but a real friendship.

As our Managing Director, Jess’ role involves steering a busy agency on a daily basis. Managing a team of 27 staff across multiple disciplines for many top companies, Jess believes that the best way to drive a business is to grow its culture and nurture its people. This focus on culture and team is a management strategy that was in no small way influenced by her time with Kim: “When I first started working with Kim, it was as her project coordinator. While my role has evolved to directorship level today, I still find myself learning something from her every day. She is still a major mentor in my professional life.”

dsc_2387Today, Kim’s role as Chief Growth Officer means that her focus is sharply on exploring growth opportunities for our clients. Passionate about constantly adding value through growth, Kim’s magnetic personality and unwavering dedication make her the perfect person to be nurturing our client relationships and encouraging the continual development of the business and its projects. This partnership of matching a diverse and motivated team with the ever-present drive for new opportunities with our clients makes for a valued relationship for both women. “Success in our industry is built on great ideas and meticulous planning, and Jess certainly is meticulous! She never cuts corners in the pre planning – which makes being on site easy. She’s thorough, organised and all about the client!”

Jess’ clear focus during the preparatory planning phases ensures that when projects go live our teams can be agile and keep their focus on creating extra value for our clients, during the project and beyond. Kim then works with our clients to use these gains on exploring future opportunities together with them.

“Over the years we have come to recognise the strength of these interdependent roles, and working shoulder to shoulder together has significantly improved the outcome we achieve. We actively draw on the strength of the other to win,” says Jessica.

With the Worx Group also having a strong team of incredible women in support, we’re extremely proud of the work that they do both as individuals and as a team, and the inspiration that their working relationship provides for other young female entrepreneurs.

To view the end product of the Lionesses partnership, and the great conference that was produced, watch the video roundup below.

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