New Design Team Leader – Gerrit Breitenbach

We’re proud to announce that Gerrit Breitenbach, who has been a part of the Worx Group family for the past two years, has been promoted to the position of Design Team Leader.

Since we started our design division in 2014, we’ve seen it go from strength to strength, and we’re immensely proud of the work that the team has, and continues to produce. When Gerrit joined Worx Group in August of that same year as a content manager with an extensive background in visual brand communications and art direction, we immediately started to feel the effects of his passion and experience. Design is an important part of our business and the value we provide for the clients at its heart, and there is no doubt that the enthusiasm and creativity with which Gerrit takes on each piece of work has become synonymous with the Worx Group Way.

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In recognition of his new role and to expand his experience even further, Gerrit will be attending Design Indaba on behalf of Worx Group in 2017, and we look forward to feeling the impact of his insight, not just in our design, but across our whole team. On his new position, Gerrit says, “I’m excited about this challenging new role, and ready to embrace it with my amazing team to support me.”

We can’t wait to explore even more opportunities under Gerrit’s leadership – congratulations GB!

gerrit cover - photo

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