What Not to Do When Planning an Event

Stress is an almost unavoidable aspect of planning any large-scale event, and at times a little bit of stress can actually be helpful in improving our ability to think under pressure, make clear decisions, and respond to problems quickly and efficiently. With that said, a competent event manager will always look to mitigate on-the-ground stress by recognising all the potential things that could go wrong, and planning for them in advance.

To help you to avoid disaster and keep your stress levels at ‘healthy’ rather than ‘hindering,’ here are our top tips on what not to do when planning an event.

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Whatever you do, don’t lose sight of ‘the why.’ Keeping the objectives behind the event at the front of your mind at all times will ensure that you’re making sound creative and logistical decisions as you go.

Though you might be tempted to, don’t try and do everything yourself. You have a team, suppliers, and partners for a reason, and while it’s tempting to do everything yourself to make sure it’s perfect, delegating to other professionals will mean that you can focus on certain important details rather than trying to always have your eye on every single aspect of the event. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

However, you’ll also want to make sure that you don’t put anything off just because you assume someone else will do it. Procrastination is your number one enemy, and nothing will stress you out more than suddenly discovering that you have a pile of outstanding tasks to do at the last minute. Checklists should be your best friend, and organisation will keep you smiling and in control.

Included in your checklist from the get-go should be the creation of a plan B… and C, and D, and E. Don’t make the mistake of relying on the weather to play along with your grand event ideas, and having several options available when considering suppliers can also help you to avoid disappointment if your preferred vendor is already promised to someone else.

And while your grand ideas for an unforgettable event might look great on paper and sound great to your client, don’t get carried away and forget to be realistic. Always take into account the limitations of your venue, client, concept and budget, and make sure that you’re honest with all involved parties from the start. That way, when you end up over delivering on your early promises, you’ll have blown your client away without any of the high stress of trying to meet crazy expectations.

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