How to offset Event Must Haves

Offsetting Your Most Expensive Event Must-Haves

As event managers, we all have dreams of an endless budget, but in reality, that’s seldom (okay, never) the case. So, because it’s imperative to us that our clients receive the very best event and the very greatest experience that their money can buy, a huge part of our job is creating that endless-budget-wow factor, but within our financial limits. Luckily, our years in the field means that we’re experts at doing just that, and when you know what your most expensive must-haves are, you can build your budget around them.

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Event Venue

The first big cost you’ll definitely be faced with is your venue – after all, it’s all about location, location, location. And while there is almost certainly a cheaper option out there, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a better option. As professionals, we understand what to look out for and we come with the expertise on where to cut and where to splurge when it comes to venue – plus, we’re pros at combing through a venue contract to trim any unnecessary expenses. A venue is a must-have, but when you have a seasoned Worx Group professional behind you, it doesn’t have to be a must-cost-every-cent-that-you-have.

Event Speakers

Similarly, an event probably has less of a chance of really blowing away your guests if you don’t have the right people there to draw them in. Speakers and entertainment are a huge draw for guests, but chances are that the better known they are, the more they’ll cost. However, before you go asking your teenage cousin to DJ your upcoming year end function, know that the costs involved with hiring a big hitter can often be offset, and that using a professional really is worth it. Will you be using them for multiple events? Some artist managers will consider reducing costs if their talent will be used for several functions, which can end up saving you money. And while it might look impressive to have an international name on your line-up, remember that there is a wealth of talent right at home, and it comes at a hugely reduced rate. After all, local really is lekker.

Event AV Tech Supplier

Once a fantastic speaker has been secured, and an incredible space for the event to actually take place, we find that new event managers are often a little surprised that the big-ticket budget items don’t stop there. It’s all very well having a game-changing speaker, but what’s the point if nobody can see or hear them? This is where the importance of a great AV Tech supplier comes in. Whatever you do, DON’T get tempted by the built-in PA system at the venue – instead, realise up front that in order for your event to go off without a hitch, you need to hire professionals to do a professional job, and of course this comes with a price tag. However, if you have a strong relationship with a great event supplier, this cost doesn’t have to break your budget and chances are they’ll be willing to do what they can to match your budget. We believe whole-heartedly in holding onto fantastic suppliers, and through many years of working with our own preferred AV tech supplier, MGG, we’ve built a relationship that’s centred around trust, respect, and mutual understanding – and at the end of the day, that’s truly priceless.

While you’ll never be able to eliminate those expensive must-haves from your budget entirely, with a great event management team like Worx Group behind you, you can certainly make savvy money-saving decisions and still pull of the event of the century.

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