Outdoor Events: The Importance of Planning and People

2017 sees Worx Group back on site for a major client at the 2017 Africa Mining Indaba.

As The World’s largest  Mining Investment Conference, this project demands a big impact from both sponsors and exhibitors, and with this client we have an incredible opportunity each year to create a space that certainly leaves a lasting impression.

We’ve previously talked about the elements that make an outdoor event different to the relative comforts of working indoors, of which there are quite a few. Today, we’ll talk you through the crucial importance of planning and people for an outdoor environment.


All events require extensive planning, careful management, and thorough communication – but never more so than when you’re unloading custom-built shipping container meeting rooms with rooftop lounges in the middle of Cape Town’s busy Friday morning streets. South Africans don’t like having their morning transit interrupted at the best of times! Spending the time planning this process with all parties is critical – this is a scenario where information is on a need-to-know basis, and it’s best to ensure that everyone knows everything! Our Active team spend a great deal of time planning load-in logistics, installation schedules, and site management protocols with all involved, and ensuring that we’ve covered all our bases. This is not an environment where delay is easily managed. Time is money when you’re paying for cranes by the hour and safety engineers are analysing your every move. It’s a high-pressure situation best handled by planning to the last detail long before the first truck arrives and the first hard hat is donned.


Any event, installation, or activation relies heavily on highly-skilled, experienced people bringing their A-game to the table. Our industry is a tricky one, and being able to structure and run a project from planning to completion takes patience, calmness under pressure, and teamwork. This is never more true than when you’re installing large scale infrastructure outdoors in busy public spaces.

Here, you see real skills: our team who manage and run this level of project have years of experience in this area, and understand the necessity for careful planning and well-structured partnerships. Having the safety and security experts involved early in the planning phase also ensures that guests and staff are safe on-site, and having a partner experienced in the installation of heavy equipment, floating decks, large tents etc. ensures that your infrastructure is being installed in both the most economical and structurally sound way. Having trusted engineers that you can call on to be sure the elements are all installed in accordance with the law and to certification means that both our team and the client can rest assured that all is being done to ensure that your client has the best opportunity to make use of their outdoor installation. Don’t underestimate the client: having a client who knows what it takes (both in terms of cost and logistics) is a great luxury for companies like ours. Our active unit are very fortunate to have some ambitious and adventurous clients who like to push us to find new and unique ways to deliver projects on their behalf. It takes a team of experts in their fields all working together to deliver the best possible solution for both client and guest.

Our Active team is all about bringing the best people in for the job and then making use of their skills to deliver the best product possible for the client in a challenging environment. Never underestimate the planning and preparation that goes into delivering a large-scale project in an outdoor environment. It’s a challenging task, but when it’s done right, the rewards are worth it!

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