Coca-Cola Live for a Difference

The internal launch of the Coca-Cola ‘Live for a Difference Campaign’ was coordinated in partnership with Missing Link, with the prerequisite of linking up with Coca-Cola’s existing CSI initiatives. The event took place in the middle of winter, and was hosted in Coca-Cola’s parking lot. Attendees were given locally knitted beanies, from Gogo, as well as blankets to keep warm. Guest speaker, Simon Gear kept the attendees entertained on a stage constructed with grass and live plants, there after they all put their pledges to ‘Live for a Difference’ inside their respective Coke bottles, which were used to build an installation in their office. Following the event most of the event elements were donated to an underprivileged school and its students, while the hay bales, used for seating, were donated to the Johannesburg Zoo.