The Power of Unconventional Venues

For the modern-day Event Planner, unconventional eventing is an undeniable trend in the future. Done with a strategy that aims to produce an experience where guests proactively engage with organisers (either directly or indirectly), the setup in this form of event planning is key in determining whether your guests will be able to engage and experience the event like never before. Gone are the days where guests attended events to merely consume information for long periods of time in a conference hall at a generic hotel – contrary to popular belief, the real eventing magic happens outside the boardroom, and choosing an edgy venue is a big part of making that magic happen.

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The Benefits of an Unconventional Venue

Choosing a venue other than the boardroom has multiple benefits, including:

  • It sets you apart as an Events Planner.
  • It could be cost effective if you play your cards right.
  • It will be remembered no matter what, so make it a good one.

We’re not saying choosing unconventional venues comes without challenges – as with everything, obstacles exist. Events that are remembered, however, are those that overcome these challenges and surpass their guest’s expectations.

Audience Research

Be sure to do extensive research on your audience before finalising the booking for your unconventional venue. What works with one group might not work for another, so while we encourage you to give your guests the ultimate experience, keep in mind that your selected venue needs to support your eventing and overall business objectives.

Be Inspired by Your Surroundings

The beauty of unconventional venues is that you can draw inspiration from everything around you. We chose to embrace this trend and drew inspiration from parking lots and fire stations. We converted the venues to gaming, food, and entertainment spaces as well as a comedy club. If you’re not inspired by anything – build your venue from scratch. Consider this your niche in an increasingly competitive industry.

Unconventional eventing will slowly be the norm for the modern-day Event Planner. The question is, will you be part of the movement?

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