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The Importance of Supplier Relationships In A Remote World

Today’s world is all about remote work and if this isn’t a call for collaboration, we don’t know what is. As famously put by Major Lazer and DJ Snake: “we all need somebody to lean on”. Only figuratively of course because, well… social distancing. The sentiment is still very true however, especially for event professionals. Questions remain however on how we are meant to navigate collaboration in the events industry when 1) there are limits to operations and 2) the demand for products/services has decreased or changed significantly:

The answer? A Strong relationship with event suppliers.

We’ll be the first to say that our partnerships with our event suppliers, is one of our most valuable assets to achieving client’s goals. In person events may not be back to where they used to be, but the show goes on for agile event companies willing to step out of their comfort zone and level up to fill the gap in the market. In a remote world, being able to rely on suppliers to do their job with excellence – as well as being able to solve issues that may arise in the absence of the usual group of project managers – is the win!

Benefits of Building A Strong Relationship with Suppliers

  • Effective Use of Time: Going back and forth with suppliers over administrative details and contracts take up valuable time that could be used for event execution. Strong relationships often come with a rhythm that allows you to jump right into the planning of the event.
  • Trusted Input: Uncharted territory calls for expert opinion. Being able to trust your suppliers to make executive decisions onsite, in an emergency or for the betterment of an event, can only come from having a strong, tried, and tested relationship.
  • Result Driven: Events require everyone to pull their weight so that the main objectives are met no matter what obstacles occur. Pulling together and sharing an all-hands-on deck mentality means that everyone understands that one person’s win, is everyone’s win.

The benefits that have come with learning our suppliers ‘work’ language and vice versa has been pivotal in bringing our clients the service delivery they are used to.

Collaborating in The New Normal

In a previous blog we spoke about the benefits that come with nurturing event supplier relationships, which included: improved efficiency; contingencies and lowered costs. This has not changed, even though the times have. Efficiency in the process of planning an event reflects the understanding between supplier and project manager. As we pivoted our services to suit the times, our suppliers played a very significant role. Over the past  year, our team focused heavily on digital offerings like Website Development and Digital Marketing services but the major shift for has been the increased execution of Virtual Events for our clients.

If you’ve been keeping up with us on social media you would’ve seen we’re actively offering virtual, hybrid, webinars and live broadcast events as services. Does this mean we’re a technical production company? No, but our suppliers are and with our blueprint for the roll out of events and their expertise we’re able to come together to create opportunities for our client in a largely remote world.

We credit the success of these projects to the strong, collaborative relationship we’ve built with our suppliers over the years and will continue to invest into these relationships.

Thinking of strategic ways to rekindle or build strong relationship with a supplier, partner or even a client? Contact us today.

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