The importance of agency partnerships

The power of agency partnerships

Pulling off an event that’s groundbreaking, memorable and fosters the ongoing loyalty of your customers takes experience, skills and expertise. And while bringing an events agency on board is critical to this process, it’s possible that they won’t be able to offer the proficiency you need across every component. For this reason and more, events agencies are partnering with other agencies that have the capacity to both amplify and optimise their service offering. Here’s why your brand should consider this approach.

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“There’s a very distinct difference between the relationships that exist between eventing agencies and their catering and decor suppliers, and interagency eventing partnerships,” explains Jessica MacRoberts, Worx Group’s Managing Director. “What we’re talking about here are the massive advantages that come with combining your events agency and the other agencies you work with – all of which have their own unique specialisations, as well as a clear understanding of your goals and strategic direction.”

Amplifiers and optimisers

While your events agency should be absolutely proficient in designing and executing a spectacular event, additional agencies can offer valuable support. “The partner agencies you should consider introducing to your events agency should fall into two categories: amplifiers and optimisers,” says Jessica. 

Amplifiers are the individuals and teams responsible for making a noise about your brand. They’re not only deeply familiar with who you are and how you communicate yourself, but also regularly engage with your key audiences. They’re your content partners and distributors and they’re plugged into all your major communications channels – your social and digital platforms in particular. They might also work with influencers who are already invested in your brand. 

Optimisers are the agencies you work with who know how to make your engagements with your audiences stronger and more efficient. They’re familiar with inbound and programmatic marketing processes and are adept at using this knowledge to reign in your audiences and keep them there, even once the event is over.

“By working with the agencies who know you best, your eventing team is more likely to be able to offer you a solution that’s absolutely comprehensive,” Jessica adds. And with roles and responsibilities that are clearly defined, and a shared vision, creative flair and commitment to quality, you’re destined for success. 

“Clients and agencies alike need to consider the many benefits of inter-agency partnerships,” Jessica adds. “At Worx Group, we believe that the future of eventing is one that is increasingly collaborative, which is why we enjoy working with other agencies and industry experts – and teaching and learning in equal measure. We believe it helps us to offer a superior service to our clients.” To learn more about Worx Group’s collaborative approach to eventing or to work with us, contact us today.

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