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The power of the Internet and the need for a great online presence.

Being relegated to working from home, shopping online and attending meetings through Zoom reminded us all just how powerful the internet is in our every day lives today. It also reminded us of just how important it is to build online platforms that are not simply functional or visually fabulous but are business growth drivers too.

At Worx Group we have a growing portfolio of digital work, with two recent projects highlighted here.

The first for MGG Productions – a long-time partner of ours – needed a site refresh and upgrade to better reflect their significant status as a leading player in our industry celebrating 20 years of excellence. Key was the use of powerful photo imagery to showcase the scale of their productions and to strongly index their very distinctive brand identity and codes to clearly differentiate them in the market.

Designing a great website can be complex, challenging and time consuming. Balancing beautifully designed images and visuals against usability and an intuitive user-experience is almost an art today. We found this article from UXPlanet a good summary including 9 general principles to follow towards building a solidly designed website.

Our second showcase for Kubu Group saw our team develop this site from scratch. As an entrepreneurially led company, Kubu Group is using innovative farming methods to achieve exponential yields and high-quality macadamia nuts and trees, but their external company profile was extremely limited. With a strong growth ambition, the team needed to rapidly ramp up their brand identity and swiftly gain traction in this first phase site development.

If you’re starting from scratch building out your online presence here is a great read sharing some of the easy starting points sourced from Inc Magazine touching on the importance of content creation including, video tools, SEOs and connecting to other platforms like social media as a kicking-off point.

As the attention economy is increasingly captured through an online presence you need to be acutely aware of where your audience is finding you online and build the best possible experience you can to capture your share of this rapidly growing opportunity.

Reach out to our team if you want to explore refreshing your online presence.

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