Worx Group Internship Program

There’s no denying the importance of internships in business today. Over the past 15 years, internships have been increasingly highlighted as integral in developing not only individual careers and businesses, but also in shaping the economy. By building work forces from the internship up, the number of skilled applicants at entry level has increased, improving quality of work and cutting down basic training time for companies. With interns able to improve their experience levels from the get-go, and companies able to develop talent that understands how their business works, it’s a win-win situation – and an opportunity that we’re really excited to be involved in.

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When it comes to the business of events management, we’re continuously faced with applicants who have very little idea of how our industry actually works. Far from being a glamorous opportunity to usher celebrities on and off stage, we’re looking to teach our interns about every aspect of our business, from project management to marketing and working as creatives. From understanding the planning, processes, and procedures that go into every step of our projects, to working on-site, facing clients, and eventually running their own small projects, our year-long internship program aims to produce the most well-rounded, informed, and well-equipped fresh faces in the industry. Not only does this system give us the opportunity to recognise their strengths and develop them further, it also provides our interns with a springboard for finding out exactly what they want to do, so that they have a strong foundation for their career going forward. Whether they’re interested in design, project management, or marketing, we create opportunities for our interns to grow their strengths and excel.

April 2016 saw our newest batch of intakes, each with their own unique strengths and interests that helped us identify them as potential future stars in our industry. By having interns as an integrated part of our team, we know the opportunity is there for us to learn just as much from them as we’ll be teaching them every day, with their fresh ideas and outlooks helping to keep us on our feet and moving forward all the time. During their time with us, they’re tasked with real work with real deliverables that pushes them to perform at their peak – as much as we want them to embrace the opportunity, we make it clear from the start that this opportunity is matched with real responsibility. Although our primary objective is to find and develop talent to stay in our business, we see our intern program as a key point in helping to develop a skilled workforce for the whole industry. By building up the kind of employees that can eventually go on to form part of our community, we’re creating the opportunity to better not only our business, but the quality of employees in a much larger context.

Since our internship program started, we’ve learnt a lot. First off, there’s a real lack of understanding exactly what it is that our jobs involve. Though all of our interns have already been through some form of formal education, you can’t really teach what we do. By providing them with a hands-on, practical, and realistic experience of how our business works, they’re able to establish if they’re really cut out for it early on. Putting them through a basic project management course to begin, they quickly learn about being able to multitask, the benefits of working well as a team, and of course, how to have fun on the job.

With our new interns having recently joined the Worx Group family, we can’t wait to see what they’ve got.

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