Worx Group Newtown Shoot

We’re incredibly proud of the amazing people that make up our Worx Group team. The work they do every day speaks for itself, but while they’re going the extra mile for their clients and to produce real results, it’s their diversity and individuality that really blows us away. We took some of our team members out to Newtown with urban street photographer Alessio La Ruffa to show you a different side of the Worx Group. ‘We wanted someone with an honest eye who shared our passion for Johannesburg. Having followed his career on social media, we loved Alessio’s rawness and style, and his enthusiasm and laid back attitude meant that he fitted right in from day one. He was an obvious choice for us,’ says Design Team Leader Gerrit Breitenbach. Every other aspect of the shoot was art directed and styled by some of the incredible members of our team, and we love how Alessio was able to genuinely capture the essence of our team’s diversity.

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View all the photos here.

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