Worx Group & Oak House Vocational Academy Trial Work Experience Pilot Programme

Education is incredibly important to Worx Group, so when a fantastic opportunity came along to initiate a pilot programme with Oak House Vocational Academy as part of our IMPACT programme, we were eager to get on board.

The immersive programme has been designed in conjunction with Oak House Vocational Academy to offer the learners a chance to experience a vibrant and ‘real’ work environment. The innovative programme includes a dedicated job coach, linking the school’s objectives for the learners with real tasks in a work experience office environment. Worx Group matches this with dedicated members of our team working close with each learner.

CEO John Paul Waites said, ‘It’s still early in the programme but I am delighted with the results so far. We look forward to extending it deeper into the Oak House Academy and later, hopefully into some of the other schools we support in our other IMPACT programmes.’

Ivan Leo from Oak House Vocational Academy added, ‘We are working towards a model that, together with Worx Group, can match our Academy curriculum with real work examples that suite the different streams.’

The first phase of the programme has kick-started with five learners, two of whom have taken up Hospitality, with another focusing on Administration, one on Design, and the final student on Digital and Technology, all of whom are overseen by our in-house chef as well as the department heads. The learners are at our offices for two days a week.

John Paul added, ‘As a parent to a special needs child myself, I know first-hand the challenges these young people face but I equally get to enjoy the unique way they experience and enjoy the world. The learning experience in our office is as much for our team as it is for the young learners.’

If you would like to know more about the programme or Oak House, please contact:

Julia Wood (Job Coach)
Phone Number: 011 624 1160

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