Worx Group Young Talent: Meet Chandelle and Abigail

Internship programs continue to assist in bridging the gap for graduates and individuals entering the workforce for the very first time. Not only does it equip them with the skills to do practical work, but it prepares them to operate in a working environment in a professional and ethical manner.

Making An Impact

As the opportunity company, we believe in creating an environment for individuals to learn, grow and hone their craft through our skills development program. You may have come across our previous blog about the Worx Group Internship Program and how it aims to contribute to the increased number of skilled applicants at entry level, and while we’re excited about creating these opportunities, we’re also thrilled about the young, bright minds we get to work with who come from different backgrounds with unique experiences. We call them young talents in our shop.

Worx Group Young Talent

Our young talents; Abigail, Chandelle, Thato and Merveille all have one thing in common: They have the Worx Group internship experience. We caught up with them to find out what their experience has been from when they started their internship with us to where they are now as well as what it takes to be a young member of the Worx squad.

Abigail Cruickshank

Meet Abigail, our Admin and Project Assistant. Abi is 21 and started off as an Admin Intern in our shop exactly a year ago.  In a conversation with Abi, we learned that her experience going into the workforce at a young age was accompanied by lots of nerves, but she took the challenge head-on with a positive attitude and an open mind.

When asked about the benefits of entering the workforce, she identified work experience as a key outcome. She said that being able to start somewhere and take it further was the biggest benefit of the internship. She explained: “Yes it’s about how long you’ve been in the business, but also the roles that you play during that time. When you go for possible interviews in the future, people see this experience and on top of that, you’re a step ahead of everyone.” Earlier this year Abi was promoted from her role as intern to her current position, Admin and Project Assistant. This achievement was met with excitement from our young talent. “It’s an exciting feeling. You feel proud of yourself for achieving that.”

Even though sometimes it’s about the people you know or how you put yourself out there, ultimately, it’s your opportunity to prove yourself.

In the same breath, she says that it did not come without pressure. “I would say that from the beginning you want to prove yourself. Anyone who enters an intern position works hard in the hopes of getting a permanent position. You really have to outdo yourself.”

Abi went on to share her thoughts on our IMPACT program and company motto: Opportunity Everywhere. “I was very lucky to have the opportunity to work with Worx Group. It’s a great environment. I have matured a lot, and you get to feed off  and learn from the people around you. The whole reason for IMPACT is to give you an opportunity to grow and it opens your eyes to see that there is opportunity for everyone. Personally, it means that everybody has a chance.”

When asked for her advice for young talents, here’s what she had to say: “Even though sometimes it’s about the people you know or how you put yourself out there, ultimately, it’s your opportunity to prove yourself. Companies are looking for young talents that are able to contribute to the organisation, so if you’re a person like myself and are coming in without much experience, ask yourself: are you open-minded? Are you excited about this? Are you willing to jump in, and work, and give your all? If your answer is yes, once you find the opportunity, grab it.”

Chandelle Wilsnagh

Meet Chandelle Wilsnagh. She rejoined our team as a Junior Graphic Designer earlier this year, having completed a 2-week internship with us in 2017, and we are excited to have her back with us full time. Having recently graduated from Greenside Design Center, Chandelle recalls her time in college as “an experience that cannot be replaced”, but with her eagerness to enter the workforce, this was something she looked forward to. “There’s something so awesome about being in the working world. It’s a chance to make a name for yourself and show everyone what you’re capable of.” Despite a few nerves on her first day, Chandelle says she was ready to ‘rock ‘n roll’ once the actual work started.

When asked about the benefits of entering the workforce at a young age, she listed experience, exposure, and engagement as her top three. “After all the studying is done and dusted, there is nothing more rewarding than being able to gain some experience in your field, meet and work with people that will teach you so many valuable tricks of the trade, the exposure is great”, she says.

The expression ‘Opportunity Everywhere’ literally has no limits when it comes to Worx Group.

Now 23, Chandelle found that gaining work experience early helped her decide what she wanted to do after college and where she wanted to work. She also learned the biggest lesson about time management. She credits to-do lists, weekly catch-up sessions, reminders, calendar events, and of course sticky notes for helping her stay on top of her game in a fast-paced environment. In a conversation on what organisations embracing young talent look like, Chandelle believes – without being bias – that these organisations will definitely benefit in the long run. “Not only do they play a fundamental part in moulding and shaping the ways of young individuals, but they also allow new perspectives and creative ideas to filter into the company”, she says.

She also closed off by summing up what opportunity everywhere meant for her: “It means responsibility, choices, and chances. As a Worx Group Team member, I have been exposed to so many amazing brands, inspiring projects, and chances of a lifetime. The expression “Opportunity Everywhere” literally has no limits when it comes to Worx Group.”

We chat to Merveille Ilefo and Thato Selau in our next blog post. Keep an eye out to read about their experience in the opportunity company.

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