Worx Group Young Talent: Meet Thato and Merveille

In our last blog post we caught up with two young talents from our shop to find out how entering the workforce at a young age has challenged and influenced them. Here, we’re going on to chat with two other young talents in our shop, Thato and Merveille. Read about their experiences below.

Thato Selau

Thato Selau – who turned 26 this week! – is a Junior Graphic Designer who recalls his first time entering the workforce as being both scary and exciting. Having no previous experience in a working environment, Thato remembers having questions about dress codes, the seriousness of being allocated a desk and deadlines, and of course also the excitement to explore his capacity to work and deliver. As with Abi and Chandelle, Thato started off as an intern before being promoted to his current junior graphic designer position. He believes coming into the workforce at a young age gives individuals an advantage because “the younger you are, the easier it is to adapt to an environment while trying to figure out exactly where you’d like to be.”

On companies that embrace young talents, Thato believes that they have an upper hand: “Experience is important – which is why I understand when companies say they need five years of work experience. But companies that embrace young talents are ahead of companies that fight for experience because they get to explore raw talent. It’s not always about what’s been done – we also want to see what other people are doing and what’s coming in the future.”

Opportunity Everywhere means finding new solutions to new challenges.

He describes his transition from an internship position to his current position as one with minimal external pressure and challenges that weren’t drastic. He focused on his personal growth and any pressure he may have felt came from proving himself to himself.

Thato also touched on the influence of IMPACT: “It changed how I think about giving back. Before I came here I volunteered at a youth center and I was always proud of the time I gave to the center. It’s not only about giving back in the form of money or time. With IMPACT I learned giving back can be helping someone else get an opportunity. I was given an opportunity that no one was willing to give me before I came into the company. With that, I must say, working here you realise how many opportunities there are for people. IMPACT is a great initiative and Opportunity Everywhere means finding new solutions to new challenges. I get to explore benefits I didn’t even know of. It means coming up with new opportunities for the client as well.”

Thato wants young talents going into the working environment to know that hard work gets noticed “That’s one thing I’ve learnt from working here and putting in the hours. And remember to be happy while you’re at it!”

Merveille Ilefo

24-year-old Merveille is currently on our skills development program serving as the youngest member of the digital marketing team. She began her internship earlier this year and described her 4-month journey so far as one filled with excitement and a limitless opportunity to learn and grow. “Entering the workforce at the age that I did opened my eyes to the “real world” that lecturers always make a reference to in varsity. A world filled with deadlines, collaboration, measuring ROI’s and for me – a lot of stakeholder engagement through our social media platforms. Internship programs such as these are invaluable. While you’re here to gain experience, confidence is instilled, and we all need a bit of that.”

Merveille says she has learned a lot about herself during her time here. “The company has always been big on helping us maximise our strengths and continuously provides an environment to improve on our weaknesses. I’ve learned a lot about identity from working here. The organisational culture is extremely positive and we all have a platform to express ourselves. As a newcomer – and even more so as a young talent – I have a voice. All our opinions matter.”

“It’s companies like Worx Group that make us want to work hard and learn what we can, so we can hopefully create these opportunities for others in the future.”

“The words “Opportunity Everywhere” have stuck with me, even outside of the work environment. I’m able to identify opportunities, not just for myself but for the company, community, and even my campus. IMPACT makes you think outside of yourself. I believe in the same manner that the company has presented this opportunity, in whatever way we can and in whichever way it presents itself, we’re supposed to extend this opportunity to others.”

Merveille believes that organisations embracing young talents are “doing an equal solid for themselves as they are for young individuals looking for experience.” She says; “We have a lot to offer, but with the way the workforce has been set up, it’s hard to execute all that we’ve learned in theory or from our natural drive to work hard without an opportunity. It’s companies like Worx Group that make us want to work hard and learn what we can, so we can hopefully create these opportunities for others in the future.”

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