From the start we have avoided ‘boxing’ ourselves into defined units at the Worx Group. We prefer to continually add interesting and skillful people to our diverse team that allows for a robust, agile and responsive unit to meet our clients’ needs.


Content really is king and our team sets out to strategically produce, promote and manage succinct, highly targeted content, which directly informs your corporate strategy. We strive towards delivering targeted material & messaging, geared specifically towards your audience.


Our team delivers tailored, innovative solutions towards client & brand activations, stands, retail displays, as well as event and exhibition infrastructure.


We specialise in all aspects of visual communication to meet your specific commercial or promotional needs, and we strive to design beautiful, decidedly engaging experiences that are focussed on creating lasting impressions and building brands.

App development

Our application development services support all stages of the application life cycle from planning for unique system requirements through design, test, implementation and maintenance, ensuring the highest level of design accuracy and user experience.


We are a full-service event & consulting agency offering comprehensive event planning & management services, programming & production, entertainment & special event coordination, high-quality activities, as well as event promotion for both corporate and social events.


We provide a full-circle branding service involving the strategic planning, creation and application of new or existing client branding, with the aim of establishing a significant and differentiated presence in the client’s marketplace.


Our teams are proficient in all areas of production, from concept origination & talent sourcing, all the way to post-production and packaging. You name it, we produce it.

Digital Design

Our team offers comprehensive interactive multimedia design solutions which serve to provide strategic, engaging digital user experiences which communicate established messaging to intended audiences, and ultimately converts users into customers.


We offer bespoke solutions towards your animation and illustration needs, deliver a highly engaging client experience, covering everything from animatics and iconography, to 3D visualisation and scribe animation.


We provide experienced teams who design and/or renovate commercial, leisure and domestic spaces, covering all aspects of the project from conceptual development and liaising with the stakeholders to managing and executing the eventual idea.


Whether it be the development and implementation of internal marketing innovations or the execution of long-range strategic initiatives, we offer comprehensive and creative support to serve your project needs.


We excel in creating custom-made, executive incentive excursions that include a single or multiple locations across the globe. Our specialised trips will serve to invigorate and enthral your team, whilst promoting team unity and engagement.


Our team has extensive experience in creating personalised team breakaways that strive to not only reward staff but to foster a culture of thoughtful motivation through meaningful and unforgettable experiences.

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